Short-term Courses in Theatre, Dance, and Arts Management

The Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG) shares knowledge and experience
it has drawn from its long years as a production company. These are products
of exposures evolved from 3 decades of creative work and collated into these
modules. Drawn from our local conditions, these lessons prove their relevance
and applicability to participants in similar settings. IPAG’s growth in the
academe augments the practical lessons in these modules. The Guild is based
in the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), acknowledged as one of
the top 10 Philippine educational institutions. IPAG’s roster of lecturers
and facilitators include some of the more distinguished artists and
academicians in Philippine Arts and Letters. The IPAG is a benchmark of
exceptional and trailblazing works widely recognized here and abroad.
Like many local groups, it has been organized from oftentimes inadequate
conditions that have spawned these lessons. These short-term programs
are pilot courses for a proposed Academy of the Arts that will be based
in the MSU-IIT. These programs consider the local conditions we know too
well where we create and manage our art programs. Filling in the immediate
needs for art and culture-related courses, these programs service our
teachers, administrators, organizers, and practitioners.

Recreating space and time: The Basic Workshop

The course introduces the basics of theatre and its
vocabulary. It uses local expressions as the mediums for creative production
and works within available resources and local conditions. Modules, which
depend on community- or school-based needs, direct towards the production
of a recital of original works. Theories and production management studies
augment practical knowledge. 3-/ 5-/ 15-days (approx. 8 hrs day)

Transcreating Mindanao Indigenous Dances

Indigenous Mindanao dance-music is translated to the stage. While many dance
workshops instruct where a facilitator simply dances and the participants
follow, IPAG studies the cultural contexts in the dances’ features and
execution. The pedagogy treats dances as living expressions using
“bio-mechanics” (the study of muscle and gravity forces on the body in
motion) and a background on these source communities’ lifestyles that
evolve the dances’ features. A course teaches 5 dance-music expressions
of selected lumad and Moro communities. The headline piece is the Tausug
pangalay, which is also the IPAG signature idiom. A recital culminates
this course. 5 days


Organizing and Managing Cultural Groups

Applying the case studies of homegrown dance, theatre, and art groups,
this course presents solutions in the management and sustenance of culture-
and art-oriented organizations. The lessons are developed from IPAG’s
continuous 30-year experience as a company. IPAG’s sustenance is
complemented by its large network of auxiliary institutions. This course
takes IPAG’s own product-service-client experiences to conduct a hands-on
workshop for already-existing groups or for those wishing to organize
groups or programs. The course treats production-stage management
separately from the management of organizations that discuss topics
on visioning, strategies, marketing tools, procedures of operations,
sustenance, and the strengthening of intangible resources. These tools
of management are studied on a level comprehensible to the inadequate
local conditions of homegrown groups. 3 days.

Direction and Choreography (Intermediate level)

Focus here in on how ideas and expressions transform to the performance
space. This course in the intermediate level assumes that participants
will have available material for their translation to the stage. The
director (and/or choreographer) takes the roles of re-creator,
interpreter, and manager of tangible and intangible resources he
forges. Practical abilities merge with theories (from Western,
Asian, and Philippine Aesthetics) to wield an acceptable
dramaturgical skill. Snippets of plays, dance vignettes, and
scenarios are the laboratories for mounting and evaluation. A
recital culminates this course. 5 days.

Creative Writing: Poetry / Fiction Playwriting /
Scenario writing / Scriptwriting
(separate courses according to genre)

The Creative Writing sessions in these genres will conduct classes
in 2 levels: appreciation and application. Samples will be evaluated.
The participants are required to submit their works beforehand as
these become bases for their craft’s improvement. Clear, concise
writing, employment of devices, studies of technique, and criticism
are some of the topics the study of creative writing takes. Handling
the Creative Writing courses are the mainstays of the Iligan National
Writers Workshop. A readers’ recital culminates this course. Lectures,
too, are conducted for participants wishing to learn about the
appreciation of Literature. 3 days (but will depend on the number of

Mindanao Traditional Music

The course offers experiential learning in music-making on the gong
ensembles of Mindanao: Maranao kulintang, Maguindanao palabunibuniyen,
and Manobo ahung tangungguan. Number notation is used as the strategy
of teaching traditional music in these gong ensembles.
Level I – 3 days / Level II – 3 days / Level III – 3 days

Field Music Research

The course introduces the students the rudiments of field music
research and the methods for transcribing these into music notation.
The field study includes methods on how to interview people on the
context of music-making (vocal and instrumental), and answers to how
the instruments are played, when these are played, where these are
played, and who plays what instruments. The functions of music in the

Resident Faculties

Dr. Steven P.C. Fernandez, DFA (Directing/Playwriting) <Br>
Prof. Christine Godinez-Ortega (Creative Writing) <br>
Dr. Anthony Tan, Ph.D (Creative Writing) <br>
Dr. Helen Tejero, Ph.D (Ethno-music) <br>

Please inform us if you are interested. We can send you the prospectus
and course outline.

Our contact address:

Integrated Performing Arts Guild,
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology,
9200 Iligan City.
Telfax: (+63) 2232494 4822354
Steven P.C. Fernandez, DFA Director and Pedagogue



Making Theatre: The Craft of the Stage
by Steven P.C. Fernandez, DFA, 128pp. Price: P250.00

The textbook documents and shares theatre making practices in our
local conditions and includes topics on making theatre, directing,
organizing, and correctly appropriating indigenous elements for the stage.

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