rass (240)1994 SINGAPORE International Festival of the Arts 1996 NETHERLANDS Gouda, Schagen International Festival, Holten International Folkloric Festival AUSTRIA Lech, Linz, Schwarzach, Vienna   FRANCE Paris UNITED KINGDOM Stockton International Street-Theater Festvial 1997 FRANCE Festival de L’ Ephemere Remiremont, Golbey, Bussang, Faulx, Port-sur-Saone, Soiree Folkloric de L’Aven Riec, Fest Er Mesu Brech, Bannalec, Donzy, Contrexeville, Strassbourg, Bruyeres, Corcieux, Pesmes, St. Denis de Jouhet Tomato Festival, Haguenau Houblon International Folkloric Festival, Niederbronn les Bains, Plombieres, Angers Festival du Mondial, Beaufort, Place St. Croix 1998 SPAIN Ourenze International Folkloric Festival, Ribeiro, Castro Caldelas, Viana , O Barco, Xinzo, Bande, Monteforte PORTUGAL Chavez FRANCE St. Maurice, Blain, Gueberscwhir, Besancon, Contrexeville, Bourbonne les Bains, Corciex, Erstein, Bain les Bains, Bussang, Metz Interntaional Festival 2001 TAIWAN Changhua International Art Festival , Taipei International Hand Drum Festival 2002 TAIWAN Far East One Philippine Promotions Festival, SOUTH KOREA World Cup International Kid Festival Daejeon MONACO Monte Carlo FRANCE Paris, 13th Semaine de la Liberte St. Die de Vosges, Fete du Cherises Fougerolle, Bussang, Bain les bains, Besancon, Val d’Ajol, Bray Dune Festival des Folklore du Monde, Ardres Fete de Belle Roze, Lillers, Gravelines, Zuydcoote, Dunkerque, Sainte Fete des Chanter’s Maritime, Luzy, Millay, Gueugnon, La Menitree 49th Assemblee des Coiffes d’ Anjou, Beaufort en Valee, Remiremont, Les Fessey, Port-sur-Saone 13th International Folkloric Festival, Vittel Club Med, Corcieux, Haguenau Fetes du Hoblon, Bischwiller, Brumath, Marienthal BELGIUM Koksidje SPAIN Madrid, Murcia 35th International Mediterranean Festival 2004 TAIWAN “Reviving Subalternity” Hua Shan Art District 2005 JAPAN Asia Meets Asia Festival 2006 U.S. of A Seattle, Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, Kennedy Center 2013 VIETNAM 2014 2015 SINGAPORE  2012 – 2017 APB Taipei, Vietnam, Singapore, Shanghai 


The 2002 World Tours was highlighted with a command performance for dignitaries and royalty at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in July 5. An extensive tour of France and Spain follows this opening salvo. Full schedule and details.It won the Grand Prize in the Concourse de Chanson Internationaux and was most awarded group of the 13th International Folklore Festival in Port Sur Saone, France.

To the world, the IPAG is a unique dance theater company because it has trail blazed in using indigenous dance to narrate stories. IPAG presents a repertoire unlike the usual dance troupe program of dances strung together by their region-based themes. IPAG has evolved its own ballet from the pangalay – perhaps our country’s closest claim to a classical form – to tell stories. The Philippine-ness of its theater is distinct.The jubilant stories have been retold.

In Angers, France, IPAG disrupted the gala performance of the international folkloric festival with a 15-minute curtain call. In the Haguenau festival, IPAG was one of the top three groups among the world’s representatives. The applause was spontaneous, the standing ovations long and jubilant in the festivals in Holten (Netherlands), Strassbourg, Remiremont, St. Denis de Jouhet (France), Stockton (England), and in Lech, Innsbruck, Linz, Schwarzack, Vienna (Austria) and Orenze (Spain), among others.PORT04

The European tours followed the Tales’ national premiere at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in the 1992 National Theater Festival, extensive Philippine tours, and its international debut in the 1994 Singapore Festival of the Arts.The Tales From Mindanao saga and its performances to world audiences continue. These tales of love, death, life, and our peoples’ close affinity to earth, wind, fire and water produce engrossing theater. Through performance after performance, the production makes more exciting Philippine culture that comes to life on stage. In dance, music, the visual arts, and drama, the compelling saga of our people unfolds in the most exciting way.

In IPAG’s third and fourth extensive tours of Europe, it brought its brand of dance-theater to over 40 cities in the festivals in Blain, Bussang, Corcieux, Contrexeville, St. Maurice, Erstein, Besancon, the Vosges and Alsace regions (France), and in Orenze and the Galician cities in Spain and Portugal. IPAG has performed its dance-music and theater productions o over 80 cities worldwide.

[In 1997, IPAG presented over 40 performances in a hectic 40-day schedule covering the West to the East of France in Angers, Haguenau, Riec, Bannalec, Brech, Remiremont, and St. Denis de Joubet. In 1996, IPAG performed in similarly well-acclaimed performances in the Netherlands, Austria, the UK, and Paris.]

Its participation was coordinated mainly by the Association Culturelle d’Echanges Internationaux with the Philippine Embassy.

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  1. Hey, such an authentic tour packages. I really feel so tempted. I like all your dresses. Your photographs are absolutely stunning, giving that authentic look. Wish you all the best for your future trips. Awesome, hats of to you!

  2. Hey, such an authentic tour packages. I really feel so tempted. I like all your dresses. Your photographs are absolutely stunning, giving that authentic look. Wish you all the best for your future trips. Awesome, hats of to you! I really appreciate you.

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