tales from mindanao

 stories narrated in dance and music adapted from Mindanao’s rich lore and experiences. This is the IPAG international touring production that has wowed audiences here and abroad


 Three generations of a powerful family dodge the forces that threaten their survival. Mired in the conflicts of religious fanaticism, tradition, and the contradictions of “Modern Living”, the family copes with the changing conditions, where tradition and religious fanaticism clash with liberal styles of the West

Datu Matu

 historical fiction in drama, dance and music based on the actual events. It is the Moro story during the American occupation of Mindanao circa 1903. Uncertainty, war, intrigue, romance, and human drama amidst the colonial wars make this neo-ethnic musical a compelling coup de theater. Datu Matu was a 1992 CCP Playwriting Grant Awardee and was accepted as a fellowship entry to the 1994 Iligan National Writers’ Workshop.

How the Women of Joaquin met Lawanen

 a dance-music parody that pokes fun at men, women and institutions, and presents the eternal conflicts between the genders.

Ranaw: Isang Alamat

 epic exploits of folk hero Bato Langkungan narrated in dance, music and drama. Unjustly accused by his foster parents, Bato escapes to Ranaw. His journey is eventful and dangerous but his 4 enchanted weapons help him overcome the hazards. But in Ranaw, Bato encounters a romance that buries him in deeper problems and the huge expectations of being a hero. 
The play was a winner in the 1985 and a 1987 and 1988 Grantee of the CCP. It has been extensively performed around the country.


 neo-ethnic dance-musicale about a legendary bird, a symbol of prestige and wealth, who refuses to heed tradition. On a national performance tour. Winner, Likhaan of the University of the Philippines.


corruption and seduction in the academe. A 1986 Outstanding play of the CCP Playwriting Workshop.


 in a honeymoon, pretext and a mocked marriage turns into an intriguing game of deceit where the ante is impotence or power.

Ugoy ng Duyan

 dance and music vignettes that celebrate the Filipino woman

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