This compelling performance wholly presented in dance and music narrates tales adapted and contemporized from the folktales of the Southern Philippines. The production has performed to critical acclaim in over a hundred cities and large audiences in the U.S., Hawaii, Europe – Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom, – and in Asia – the Singapore Festival of the Arts, 2002 World Cup in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan – and in extensive Philippines tours.



Provides accommodations (board and lodging) for 20 persons for the duration of the stay in the specified area-region-city;

Pays a negotiated production fee;

Transports cast, crew, and cargo from Iligan City to venue of performance and back (or for longer road tours, from the last performance site to the next performance site);

Provides in-city transport for personnel and cargo;

Provides performance venue with light and sound equipment and set-up schedules as specified in a technical rider;

Facilitates permits, taxes, and other such specifications requisite in the project;

Allows the merchandising of IPAG crafts and goods, including promotional materials as souvenirs, posters, T-shirts, memorabilia, and the like, and the placement of booths;

Allows the IPAG to acknowledge its sponsors in live announcements before and after the performance, including the conduct of promotional events and the display of the sponsors’ promotion materials as logo, tarpaulin, streamers, posters, and the like;Provides dental and medical services in the duration of the tour; and, Offers city tour and/or visits to significant spots as museums, historical/cultural locales, and the like as time may permit;


Performs a series of full-length performances of Philippine dances, songs, music, narratives, collectively entitled Tales From Mindanao [This same package also applies to the sponsorship of Tatlo Sa Isa.];

Joins and performs in parades and other promotional activities organized by the Sponsor;

Provides the cast/crew of 20 persons including the whole complement of props, music instruments, and costumes;

Submits samples of promotion materials, pictures, programs, and the like;

and, Provides time for audience interaction and press interviews.


The Artistic Director
Integrated Performing Arts Guild
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology9200 Iligan City, Philippines
(+6363) 223-2494 (telfax) 4922354 0917-7161318

Stanley Perry C. Fernandez
(+63) 9152225272

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